Reliable general commercial contractors are difficult to spot nowadays. Either they are inexperienced or do not deliver in the manner we expect them to. Perhaps out of necessity, we rush our options and choose the first one we see online. However, when looking for a good contractor you’ll need to take some time and do research. Taking the time and learning the difference between a good and a bad contractor will help you in the long run. 

Take these 3 signs into consideration, and best of luck with your search.

Quick & Responsive Estimates –

Who likes to beat around the bush when giving estimates? Bad contractors do. They’re unsure of the quality of their work and are usually not clear and decisive in their estimates. This is important to look out for when searching for a good contractor. A good contractor will give you a quick and reasonable estimate, which will allow you to feel confident in their work. Your best filter is not just the price, but the quickness and specificity of their estimate. The commercial contractor knows what he is charging you, and you’ll know what will cost for the desired project. Simple. As long as they understand your expectations, they’ll give you a reasonable estimate for their time.

This sign will play a massive role in searching for a good contractor, as you won’t deal with a wrongful final price. You’d be surprised to learn that this has happened to many people when hiring a commercial contractor. Inexperienced contractors will hook an appealing estimate and later charge you double to what your expectations were. In order to avoid this, make sure that you and your contractor communicate consistently.

Great Communication –

Communication is vital. Not only when hiring a contractor, but one must communicate if they want a desired outcome. When your commercial contractor has constant communication with you, it will unlock a key factor when observing the final outcome of your project. This major principle will help the commercial contractor understand your ideas and expectations. You will observe a flow of communication. And a good contractor will ask questions and comment as you two discuss the desired outcome. While you deliver your ideas and expectations, one should also lay out rules in order to maintain hours and cleanliness. A good contractor will abide by such rules and workspace. 

Having a well-maintained relationship with your contractor through communication will allow them to feel comfortable talking with you. If there were an issue with the weather or an unexpected matter were to occur, they wouldn’t hesitate to contact you immediately. And that is precisely what makes a good contractor reliable. Look for a commercial contractor that is comfortable communicating back and forth with you and executing your ideas in the best way possible.

Experienced Commercial Contractor – 

Let’s be honest, we all want a commercial contractor who has the experience to leave us at ease, knowing that they won’t mess up. But looking for them is quite difficult since everyone claims they’re the “best of the best.” When searching for an experienced commercial contractor, online reviews will be a great friend of yours. Online reviews may help you observe their strengths and weaknesses for the work you want them to do. Before asking them for an estimate, it’s recommended to communicate and ask them questions regarding their background and experience. 

Understanding and executing projects with ease is our specialty. Check out our services and see if they’re in line with your project. Allow the JBI Group to leave you at ease knowing that your ideas and expectations will be delivered.

It takes time to find the right commercial contractor, but let us save you a couple of hours, and contact us today!