Incorporated in 1938, Palm Springs, CA is a booming city tucked in the Sonoran Desert and known for its hot springs, stylish hotels, and a really funny time loop movie. The boom of the cultural event Coachella in the last few decades has also helped turn this once sleepy town into a quickly booming city attracting more and more visitors and future residents every year.

Because of this boom, every year more businesses come to Palm Springs to serve its wonderful residents and the residents of nearby towns. 

But with this massive boom, there has been a distinct lack of businesses that support everyone. Go ahead and search Google right now for “Commercial Window and Door Repair in Palm Springs” and only one name will come up: JBI Group.

Recent Commercial Indoor Window Installation

JBI Group has now expanded and is offering scheduled service once a week! Call to schedule your appointment in advance. JBI Group offers many services with its over 50 years of combined experience. JBI Group is licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to serve the needs of your business. 

One of JBI Group’s specializations is working with Commercial Windows. From boarding up windows in case of emergency to removing old glass and installing a new window, JBI Group has done it all when it comes to commercial glass. 

Just as vital as the windows to your business, JBI also specializes in Commercial Doors. Not only do they work on installing new doors into a building, they also assist with ADA compliance, helping your business adhere to the letter of the law with push bars and automated door systems. Along with ADA compliance, JBI Group also has years of experience installing door safety systems, such as Fire Doors or Secure Doors that require badge access. 

Along with Commercial Window Repair and Replacement, JBI Group also works on the overall repair and replacement of any of your storefront needs. But don’t just take our word for it, our customers have also gone out of their way to mention how we’ve helped them. From Universities to Theaters, we’ve done a lot. 

“As a university employee, I found myself in a dilemma late this afternoon. It was after 5:00 pm (it’s Friday) and we discovered two of our residential hall doors were not securing properly…Joe arrived soon after and effortlessly installed the parts on each door. HIs skill and knowledge with complicated internal push bar mechanisms was impressive…I can’t thank him enough for his willingness to help bail us out of a difficult situation, while providing solid quality customer service. I recommend his company to anyone who wants a professional they can trust!”

“Definitely had a great experience with this company and will be using them for future projects on our building. Joe was super helpful customizing our needs in our building and his team was respectful and professional while we still had our showroom open to customers.”

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And now we’re doing a lot in Palm Springs! Servicing all of your Commercial Window and Door needs in Palm Springs, CA, JBI Group is proud to work with you and we look forward to your call!

You can call us now at (833) 830-3672 or you can submit your needs through our form, you can even include a picture if your job requires it! We look forward to serving the great businesses of Palm Springs in 2024 and beyond!

Reliable general commercial contractors are difficult to spot nowadays. Either they are inexperienced or do not deliver in the manner we expect them to. Perhaps out of necessity, we rush our options and choose the first one we see online. However, when looking for a good contractor you’ll need to take some time and do research. Taking the time and learning the difference between a good and a bad contractor will help you in the long run. 

Take these 3 signs into consideration, and best of luck with your search.

Quick & Responsive Estimates –

Who likes to beat around the bush when giving estimates? Bad contractors do. They’re unsure of the quality of their work and are usually not clear and decisive in their estimates. This is important to look out for when searching for a good contractor. A good contractor will give you a quick and reasonable estimate, which will allow you to feel confident in their work. Your best filter is not just the price, but the quickness and specificity of their estimate. The commercial contractor knows what he is charging you, and you’ll know what will cost for the desired project. Simple. As long as they understand your expectations, they’ll give you a reasonable estimate for their time.

This sign will play a massive role in searching for a good contractor, as you won’t deal with a wrongful final price. You’d be surprised to learn that this has happened to many people when hiring a commercial contractor. Inexperienced contractors will hook an appealing estimate and later charge you double to what your expectations were. In order to avoid this, make sure that you and your contractor communicate consistently.

Great Communication –

Communication is vital. Not only when hiring a contractor, but one must communicate if they want a desired outcome. When your commercial contractor has constant communication with you, it will unlock a key factor when observing the final outcome of your project. This major principle will help the commercial contractor understand your ideas and expectations. You will observe a flow of communication. And a good contractor will ask questions and comment as you two discuss the desired outcome. While you deliver your ideas and expectations, one should also lay out rules in order to maintain hours and cleanliness. A good contractor will abide by such rules and workspace. 

Having a well-maintained relationship with your contractor through communication will allow them to feel comfortable talking with you. If there were an issue with the weather or an unexpected matter were to occur, they wouldn’t hesitate to contact you immediately. And that is precisely what makes a good contractor reliable. Look for a commercial contractor that is comfortable communicating back and forth with you and executing your ideas in the best way possible.

Experienced Commercial Contractor – 

Let’s be honest, we all want a commercial contractor who has the experience to leave us at ease, knowing that they won’t mess up. But looking for them is quite difficult since everyone claims they’re the “best of the best.” When searching for an experienced commercial contractor, online reviews will be a great friend of yours. Online reviews may help you observe their strengths and weaknesses for the work you want them to do. Before asking them for an estimate, it’s recommended to communicate and ask them questions regarding their background and experience. 

Understanding and executing projects with ease is our specialty. Check out our services and see if they’re in line with your project. Allow the JBI Group to leave you at ease knowing that your ideas and expectations will be delivered.

It takes time to find the right commercial contractor, but let us save you a couple of hours, and contact us today!